Guildford Manor Farm
Haymarket, Virginia
Arctic Glitter
Bit of Brilliance
Classy Going
Glam Fairy
Glitz and Glitter
Going for Gold
Gypsy Dancer
Paint the Night
Painted Rock
Spirit's Firestorm
Styled in Gold
Tudor Rose
Twice the Ice
Our Horses

Classy Going - "Classy"

1998 Thoroughbred Gelding

Bit of Brilliance - "Lilly"

2016 Thoroughbred Mare

"Lacey" -- Lacey

2012 Thoroughbred Mare

Glam Fairy - "Glam"

2011 Thoroughbred Mare

Glitz and Glitter - "Goldie"

2009 Thoroughbred Mare

Going for Gold - "Bella"

2010 Welsh Thoroughbred Mare

Gypsy Dancer -- "Polly"

Appaloosa Mare

Paint the Night - "Poppy"

2017 3/4 Welsh 1/4 Thoroughbred Mare

Painted Rock - "Penny"

2002 Welsh Thoroughbred Mare

Sapporo - "Sapporo"

2015 Warmblood Gelding

Spirit's Firestorm -- "Storm"

2012 Thoroughbred Gelding

Styled in Gold - "Topper"

2011 Thoroughbred Gelding

Tudor Rose - "Rose"

2007 QH/Chincoteague Mare

Twice the Ice - "Twiz"

2012 Thoroughbred and APHA Mare

Artic Glitter - "Glitter"
2009 Thoroughbred Mare
2009-2012 due to accident