Guildford Manor Farm
Haymarket, Virginia
Alexandra Arabak
Cornelia M. Szele-Harangozo
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Cornelia M. Szele-Harangozo

Cornelia M. Szele-Harangozo

Phone: (703) 754-1157 Cell: (703) 403-2597 •
“The Art of Classical Horsemanship for All Disciplines”
Over 25 years of Teaching Experience – Trained by World Class and Olympic Level Professionals


*       Valued student of United States Equestrian Team Show Jumping coach Bertalan de Némethy and sole inheritor of de Némethy’s personal equestrian library

*       Studied with Olympic and Pan American gold medalist Tad Coffin and his former coach Master Instructor Raúl de León – was recognized as an exceptional instructor and handpicked by de León to serve as a staff member at the Westmoreland Davis Institute

*       Trained with former United Stated Equestrian Team Three-Day Eventing coach Jack Le Goff, dressage champion Gunnar Ostergaard, four-time Olympic dressage judge Jaap Pot, and top German dressage trainer and judge Maria Gunther

*       Invited to perform at the International Dressage Judges Forum at Morven Park, Leesburg